About Me

Hi, my name is Rafael. I am a Brazilian software engineer with over ten years of experience. I was Born in São Paulo, currently living in picture-perfect Munich, Germany.

I am kind of obsessed with minimalism for quite a while, and I have been trying to apply this philosophy to development.

My Interests

I love the challenges of large scale, distributed systems, so probably anything that goes into solving these puzzles interests me.

But being more specific, I have been focusing on serverless technologies, Rust, and event-driven architectures lately.

Outside the tech, I love cooking and drawing. The latter, I always feel guilty for not doing more often.

Let's Connect

It is invaluable to me the experience of others. I love to see how different people approach different aspects of life, both personal and professional.

Be for extending your networking, follow the experiments, to discuss challenging engineering and architectural problems, or even to say hi, get in touch.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Instagram, check out code stuff on Github, or send me an E-mail!