Hello World, Again...

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Welcome! Come, sit, and let me try to explain why we are here, don't worry it is a 1 min 44 long read

Hello, world! My name is Rafael Dias, I am a Brasilian self-taught software engineer currently working at picture-perfect Munich, Germany, it is a great pleasure to have you here!

Here I will talk about software development, career, technology, gadgets, all geek-related stuff, you get the drill.

But before we begin, I know what you are thinking…

Another blog? Why?!

Oh God, yet another blog, why? Don’t we have billions of blogs already? Why bother to create another one?

Those are the questions I posed to myself over and over again, maybe the good old habit of self-sabotage playing its role, or just common sense trying to do its job, who knows?

After much deliberation on the subject, I understood the reasons that make sense for me to create yet another blog, to be honest, there are four very compelling ones:

1 - It helps me to learn new things

There is no better way to ensure you know something than trying to explain to others. In the process of explaining a complex topic, I found myself digging deeper and solidifying fundamental knowledge that has been proved invaluable in my day-to-day work.

2 - Improves my communication skills

It should be no secret by now that one of the most crucial, yet most often neglected, skill to a developer is communication. Being able to convey complex and abstract ideas in a simple and accessible way is priceless. And writing is one of the best exercises for me.

3 - Showcase my interests and skills

It is not an easy task to showcase your interests and skills, especially if you are mainly working with systems architecture and backend development like in my case. So breaking down personal projects and ideas helps to lay out what interests me, my way of thinking, and my skills.

4 - The possibility of helping others

The gratifying feeling of helping someone to solve an irritating problem, or to understand new paradigms, or technologies is unparalleled to me.

And where does the newborn go from here? The net is vast and infinite 👻

Indeed the topics are endless, so much stuff to talk about so little time! That’s why I will try to focus on serverless solutions, systems architectures, and productivity, which currently are my favorite topics to think and talk about, so expect the majority of the content to be about those things.

Even though I have failed miserably several times before when trying to keep a schedule on content, I will try to keep at least two posts a month.

So, I hope to see you back here soon!

Rafael Dias

Minimalist && life long learner